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Buzz Atom Fire 99cms Snow Blade Ski Board c/w Tyrolia Bindings

SRP £399.99


"Just arrived, the brand new 2023/24 Buzz Blade. Its been one of the best selling Ski Blades for several seasons, this beauty from Buzz will give you the tools to ski your best. Complete with Tyrolia PR11 release bindings. These bindings fit all skis boots from 255mm - 378mm(approx size 3 UK Ladies\/Youth boot- UK Mens size 14)"

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Very Limited Edition - Only 25 pairs have been manufactured for the season

  • SKIBOARDS | SKIBLADES | SNOWBLADES - Call them whatever you want, these short mini skis are the greatest fun you can possibly have on a mountain as a skier, plus they're super easy to learn! Who said that skis have to be long anyway?
  • FUN + FREEDOM - Skiboards by Buzz Skis* can somehow always bring out the fun on the slopes. These skiblades are super fun for riding normal and also  for skiing backward, spinning, jumping, and all kinds of tricks.
  • EASY TURNING - at only 99cms long and with a carve radius of a mere 6.2 mts, these little beauties can feel like, you are turning on rails. 
  • EASY TO LEARN - Very short learning curve, easy to use. Extremely responsive, lightweight on your feet, and easy to ride as opposed to cumbersome long skis.
  • FUN CARVING - Amazing carving experience! Easy and fast turns thanks to the narrow waist width, short length, and parabolic shape.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT + PORTABLE - Snowblades by Buzz Skis* are easy to carry around so you can take them almost anywhere.
  • SKI ANYWHERE - Best for downhill skiing on ski slopes and in snow parks, and fantastic fun for all kinds of twists, jumps, and tricks. Easy and fun to handle moguls and bumpy terrain. Ride anywhere you dare to go - they let you access areas like narrow hiking trails you wouldn’t be able to enjoy whilst wearing long skis.
  • FUN FOR ADULTS AND KIDS - Great for beginners, intermediates and pros who want to enjoy their ski trip to the fullest. Great for both kids and adults, teenagers and ski instructors. Ideal for adults teaching kids skiing because they allow for very agile movements.  Age limit: 10 - 110.
  • MADE IN EUROPE - To ensure the highest lasting quality, these skiboards are made using sustainable wood in the mountains of Europe.
  • LENGTH -99 cm | 39 Inch*
  • DIMENSIONS: Tip/Waist/Tail Width: 11.5 - 8.5 - 10.5 cm, Radius = 6.2 mts, 
  • CAMBER SHAPE - Designed for easy control and effortless carving experience.
  • HIGH-QUALITY TECHNOLOGY - 3D PU Cap construction + wood layer. Metal edges for easy control. P-tex bases - for great speed, durability and easy maintenance.
  • Deep parabolic side cut - for easy turns. Asymmetrical twin tips - great for both forward and backward riding.
  • BINDINGS - Full Release Ski Boot Bindings  26 - 36,5 MP which is approx. Womens UK 3.5 to Mens UK 14 - Grip-Walk compatible
  • 255mm - 378mm ski boot length

The Buzz Skis Atom Ice, a 99CMS Adult/Youth Mini Ski complete with Tyrolia Full release PR11ski bindings (Black/White) is a brilliant mini ski for all adult skiers of variable levels and abilities, from beginners to advanced skiers. We have used this length of ski for many years to blast all over the mountain including steep reds and even the odd black run plus snowparks and mogels. Its short turning radius of 6.2 metres and twin tip design is simply amazing.

The Short Ski Shop's View
Grab a set of these very limited edition ski-blades as they will be selling like hot cakes this coming winter. They are not only quite possibly the best short ski money can buy but you will be amongst only 20 people with a set Worldwide!!

Top specification, top design, top performance, sold at the lowest price, you can't ask better than that!!!

But the real benefit of this ski is to the average struggling holiday skier or the nervous beginner/intermediate who feels a little left behind when the group go out to ski. There are thousands of skiers like this, who go on holiday every year and struggle, but struggle no more, as these little skis will give you every assistance to ski the best you can.

They are short and very forgiving and the short radius sidcut will more or less turn for you providing you put the ski on its edge. No jumping turns, no looking at the fall line for what seems like ages, no lifting up one ski to turn,  just nice short confidence building turns. Once confidence is gained progress is rapid.

Buzz Skis are a UK company who design there own skis in conjunction with a top European ski manufacturer with over 50 years of ski making experience (who also manufactures skis for many of the "big" boys too).


Customer Reviews (1)


I recently purchased a set of Buzz Atom 99’s from you and during our call I promised to let you know how I got on. Overall I must say I was very impressed with how the skis felt and handled. We were in freeze thaw conditions at Flaine and I made the mistake of not getting them waxed before we went. This resulted in a few backwards tumbles as the skis came to abrupt stops and then speeding off again in shady icy areas. That evening I had them waxed and problem solved. The skis are so much easier to turn and I like the fact that you don’t notice them in your peripheral vision. Crossing skis is a thing of the past too. I tend to lean back far too much, however given that there is no support behind you, I quickly learnt a neutral position was best for me. The skis handled the poor conditions very well and I’m sure a nice soft groomed slope would be perfect for them. One thing I must say though, is where the skis really came into their own was on the bumps. As per the norm, the last run of the day into the village the slopes were pretty churned up and lumpy, however skiing in these conditions was an absolute joy on these skis. I like the bumps but have never been able to master them until now. These things just flew down the slopes either planting a pole on top of the bump and going round it, or simply going over the top and sliding down the back. I was also able to clearly follow my chosen path, rather than the bumps deciding which way I go for me. All done at quiet a speed too. I used to dread seeing a churned up slope and fighting to get down it, however on these things a churned up slope was a pleasure to see and get down. I didn’t take my long skis with me, and I can’t see myself doing so for the foreseeable now. I hope this helps and thanks for all the advice you kindly gave me. All the very best Colin

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