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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions.

When you purchase from ourselves (The Paris Sports Co ltd),you are entering into a contract with us. You are broadly covered by the sale of goods act for most things however there are 2 areas that are not covered. See below.

Customized or Specially Ordered Goods.

Any customized goods cannot be returned for a refund. This can include any ski pants that have been shortened specifically for you and ski bindings that have been drilled and fitted specifically for your ski boot size. Goods that you have specifically been ordered in for you, cannot be returned either.

Safe Place Delivery.

It is getting more common for all delivery companies to "leave in a safe place" if no ones home, when delivering your parcel. This can be with a neighbour or placed in an outside receptical, e,g, storage bin, etc whatever is deemed a safe place by the delivery person.. By purchasing from our store, you have agreed to accept this form of delivery and are allowing the use of "safe place" delivery if this were to happen.

If you want to opt out of this common arrangement, you will need to upgrade to a "signed for" delivery at checkout. Some delivery companies have an "opt out "app, you can add your address to "opt out" to avoid this common  practice if its not good for you. Goods delivered to a "safe place" as per "the delivery services terms"are deemed "delivered". What is a "safe place", its whatever the delivery person decides. If this is a potental issue for you or where you live, please choose a signed for sevice and/or opt out of this by contacting all the common postal services and registering your choice.  Claims for non-delivery will not be entertained if the parcel has been deemed to have been delivered by the delivery service.

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