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Terms and Conditions

You want to buy your skis mail order? You may have a few questions about bindings, boots and about safety settings, etc. let me explain how we do it.

Buying skis online and getting them setup is a fairly simple and painless process if you approach it correctly. If purchasing a ski/binding package from ourselves, you have the choice to have them delivered "not mounted" (you fit yourself or get another ski shop to do it) or you can ask us to "mount" the bindings for you for free at the point of sale. This offer does not include buying a bare ski and a separate binding unless stated. The free fitting offer covers about 98% of our range, If in doubt please ask.

If you want us to mount the bindings for you, read on.

You will be asked at checkout to provide your ski boot size, your UK shoe size or the length of your ski boots (this is the best option). Once we have this information, we can mount the bindings to your new skis. We can either drill the ski and mount them or we can fit them to a carving plate already attached to the skis.  90% of our skis have a plate.  We have the plates factory fitted for us and they have the advantage of having a dozen or so premolded holes on them plus they have rows of numbers printed. These numbers correspond to your ski boot size in MM's. 265-285mm, 286-299mm, etc, etc

What happens next is that we take a screwdriver and screw the bindings into the appropriate holes for the particular size. This enables your ski bindings to be quickly attached to the skis without the need to drill the ski.

If the skis you are buying do not have a plate, the bindings are mounted directly to the ski by us using a factory jig, we provide this service for free.

The setup above is the standard setup, it mounts the skis to your bindings. All bindings have a rear click/slide adjustment, this is to micro adjust the bindings to fit your boots. You may need to adjust to suit your actual boot.

The last thing that has to be setup is your safety settings on both the toe and heel unit.

Each person is unique, the safety settings (DIN rating) is based on your weight, boot length and ability. These are factors that cannot be set by mail order. In my opinion this needs to be done when the customer is present, so all things can be taken into consderation by the ski tech. Please get this done in resort, it takes 5 minutes max,

So we do the hard bit of mounting the bindings for free, you get them adjusted to suit you.

The above information applies to skis fitted with step in FULL RELEASE bindings from Tyrolia only.

The abve information does not apply to skis fitted with the simple "clamp up" UNIVERSAL NON RELEASE binding with leash as fitted to some ski blades.

Universal NON RELEASE bindings can be adjusted without tools and you can fit multiple boot sizes on the "fly". As the binding is "non release" it is not necessary to set anything other than the boot size fitting.

Have fun

The shortskishop team