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USED Rossignol FREE ZB 118cms adult mini ski inc Full Release bindings EX Rental

SRP £320.00


Used ex-rental skis from Rossignol. A real bargain. Grades B - D.

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USED - Rossignol FREE ZB 118CMS Mini adult skis.

This is a used ski and comes complete with a factory fitted Ski Bindings

We have C and D grades of these skis available, they were purchased from an Alpine ski rental buisiness that closed. We have graded them accordingly.

Rossignol Free ZB 118 Short Skis 

Grade A.  New, unused ski, been stored, so will have small marks but never seen snow.
Grade B. Used ski in good condition. Base = good with some scratches, edges good
Grade C. Used ski in fair condition. Base = fair with multiple scratches, edges fair/good

Grade D. Used skis in poor condition. Base very scratched, edges poor/fair. These are good for a couple of holidays and a great inexpensive way to try out short skis without breaking the bank.

Its  pretty tricky grading used skis as no 1 pair is the same, but we try our best to be as fair and as honest as possible. But rest assured that all grades of ski is 100% usable and come complete with fully adjustable full release ski bindings.

Note: A ski with a lot of scratches on the base may look rough but providing the scratches are so deep that it is exposing the core of the ski, it will make very little difference in actual use. Visually scratches look bad but made very little difference on the snow.

All skis will be structurally sound. Skis can be scratched very easily on pistes with poor snow cover, so new skis can quickly look very rough after a few runs in such conditions. It will only be cosmetic damage.

These skis have been stored for several years and even the "new" ski that has never seen snow might have a few light marks/scratches on base and/or top coat, this is simply due to storage and happens to all skis. 

NOTE: You are not buying fresh skis in a plastic wrapper, we sell this new too if that's what you want. This is the chance to try a short ski at a low price. One weeks rental can be nearly as much as a grade C set. 

About the FREE ZB SKI
Carving Level: Recreational
Radius: 9 mts
Condition: Used
Binding: Rossignol Axium 100 Adjustable Demo Binding (DIN 2.5 - 9.5)

Max weight 100kgs
Binding Condition: May have scratches
Boot Size Range: 255 - 360 

This is a used Rossignol Freez'B Short Carving snow ski/Ski board.
This ski is great for:  Adults: New skiers learning and older returning skiers or skiers on a plateau and have not improved in a while.

NOTE: this is an adults ski,  not a kids ski. It is also a fun ski for advanced skiers who sometimes want a mini carving ski to Rip up the slopes! This design is proven to shorten the learning curve and help skiers progress quicker. Why fight to ski on longer skis when you can have fun on these. These are super short adult skis for learning to ski and to have all around fun and cruising. Even though they are short, they are made for teens and light adults who want the fast lane for learning to ski. These skiboards are also built for aggressive carving as well as park/pipe riding.

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