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DATAWAX Ski & Snowboard HOT Wax - IRON - Rub On - All Temp - Spring - Graphite - Dry Slope - Glacier (1)

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DATA WAX Ski & Board Wax
For all skiing, boarding and cross country.

You get 2 x 37gm Bars of wax, total weight approx 75gms from £ 3.99 including UK postage. Choose your flavour of wax, from the drop down menu and the information below.

Buy as much or as little as you like. We sell these wax bars without any fancy packaging. Each wax bar weighs about 37gms. You are buying 2 bars. If you require more bars or any combination of waxes please input as many as you like and the cart will total these up for you.

Most of our waxes are Fluorinated for greater glide and speed than with standard NON Fluoro wax. Standard non Fluoro wax still has a place in ski and board servicing and in certain conditions. Plus, it's used by the bucket load in most ski shops to service rental equipment and customers hardware as its good and cheap..

Green Univeral HC wax (ALL TEMP)

Great for standard ski and board servicing needs and perfect for an end of season wax to store you gear over the off season. Its also useful for very dry conditions for example, or if you are using skins. HC (Hydro Carbon) wax is designed for long lasting base penetration and nourishment. Giving good glide over a prolonged period in all snow types and temperatures. Ideal for touring as this Hydrocarbon wax has no Fluorocarbons.  Popular with Nordic skiers too! DataWax Universal wax also has specially designed additives to make the wax extra-long lasting with great glide.

• Brand new hydrocarbon version of our best-selling wax
• Perfect for all snow types and temperatures
• Universal is a performance grade iron on wax for all conditions.

. Iron on Temperature 115°C

Green Universal HP wax(ALL TEMP)

This is the HP (high performance) version of Data's best selling wax. Don't know the snow conditions or temperature?, DataWax Universal is ideal for all snow types and temperatures. It is the perfect wax for every situation, on or off piste, race training or in the park. DataWax Universal wax also has specially designed additives to make the wax extra-long lasting with great glide. FLUORO WAX


• Our best-selling wax
• Perfect for all snow types and temperatures
• Universal is a performance grade iron on wax for all conditions.
• Iron on Temperature 115°C


DataWax Magma performs to its full potential when ironed on and when skiing or riding fresh snow. Both on and off the piste, Magma is the perfect wax for high speed as well as excellent protection and nourishment. Its performance level of perfluorocarbons gives faster glide, rapid acceleration and longer lasting protection.

• Best performance at snow temperatures 0°C to -8°C
• Magma can be used as a rub or iron on wax.
• Magma was the wax of choice for the pro riders at Relentless Freeze Festival 2012.
• Iron on Temperature 110°C


DataWax Sunfire gives great acceleration and long lasting glide in wet or granulated snow conditions. This soft wax works best in wetter snow conditions. The additional fluoro’s hydrophobic content repels the high water content in the snow and stops the ski or board from rapid deceleration on wet snow. FLUORO WAX

• Perfect wax when the snow temperature is at or above -2°C
• For best results use an iron to hot wax Sunfire into the base.
• Sunfire can easily be used as a rub on wax.
• Perfect for end of season skiing.
• Iron on Temperature 100°C


Works best as an iron on wax, but is also able to be used as a rub on.



DataWax Butane is designed for hard pack, glacier conditions, man-made snow or ice. This is the hardest of our HP snow waxes, giving lasting protection and high speed glide.

As part of the DataWax High Performance range, Butane has extra fluoro making it the perfect wax for cold snow conditions. It is hard enough to resist the abrasive nature of cold snow crystals while giving fantastic acceleration. FUORO WAX
• Perfect in snow at-6°C to -16°C
• Butane is a performance grade iron on wax for cold temperature conditions

• Iron on Temperature 120°C

ICE White Polar X (

Polar X has become a cult wax for skiers and boarders on artificial slopes. The original Polar wax fluoro adding speed and glide while providing the protection your bases need for the challenges of dry slope racing. This super quick, hard wax protects your base from friction burns while giving you a fast surface to round the poles and hit the kickers. Data Polar X is so hard that it must be scraped immediately after hot waxing. It has a very high melting point, therefore when used properly will actually increase the melting point of the base plastics. Data Polar X keeps the base lubricated long after conventional waxes have worn off.  For an extra boost a softer layer like "Sunfire" can be rubbed on top of Polar X.


Black Graphite Training

Have you ever experienced "slow snow" in Indoor snow domes, on "Cannoned snow" or on summer glaciers, I have! Snow is often very dirty and the build up of static can be very significant. DataWax Graphite Training is their longest lasting graphite wax making it ideal for training sessions because equipment will have the protection, speed and nourishment for the entire session. Perfect in snowdomes and on any man made snow in resort.
  • High Speed
  • Long lasting
  • Added graphite to prevent static

Black Graphite Race

Have you experienced "slow snow" in snowdomes and on Man made snow on piste, I have! "Race" is the very hardest of the Graphite waxes, making it the ideal race wax for indoor snow surfaces and anywhere you want to go fast. This wax has great protective qualities but, more importantly is fast and hard enough to resist the abrasive nature of the snow crystals inside the snow dome and on all man made snow in resort.
  • Extra hard
  • Fast
  • Prevent static buildup
  • Added Graphite


Clean the base of your skis/board with a base cleaner, (see our other web pages for suitable cleaner).  Set your wax iron on a low setting, dripping the wax all over the base, Using your Iron over the entire base, quickly spread the wax evenly, do nto linger on any one area too long. Once totally covered, allow wax to cool completely, then scrape base with suitible scraper and buff the base with either a nylon/wire brush or structire pad to finish

Clean base with base cleaner. Rub on suitable wax, like crayon (Sunfire or Magma is best wax from the range above). Once entire base is covered, use cork waxing tool by rubbing it over the wax. hard and fast. Use plenty of elbow grease to create enough heat. Once complete, scrap wax off and buff as above.

Wax can sometimes get slightly damaged in transit, its the nature of the beast. If despite our best efforts, the worst happens and a bit snaps off the main bar, fear not, its only wax, just melt it with your wax iron and mould it back onto the main block or just use it as normal and melt it on to your skis/board. Job done!



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