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HEAD RAZZLE DAZZLE 94cms Ski Blade Inc Bindings B-STOCK

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This size is currently out of stock.

Legendary ski blade from Head. 94 cms of fun. Latest 2023 version. This little beauty will not hang around for too long, as stock is fairly scarce for this season. B-STOCK has a few too many "skid-mark" scratches on the base.

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HEAD "RAZZLE DAZZLE" 94CM Ski Blade 2023
The brand new 2023 Razzle Dazzle from Head.

New Vivid Yellow/Lime colourway

Hey B stock skis, don't you just love em! No, we don't as it happens, as the factory gives us a big fat zero discount!   So how do you get B stock skis anyway, you might ask? Well listen up.......

Now B stock skis can mean pretty much anything but in this case we are talking "Skid-Marks". Now, skis are a manufactured product that goes through many stages of production, it's final stage is having the bases, stone ground by a huge grinding stone. As the grinding stone wears (which is totally normal), tiny little bits of the stone break off of the big stone. This is normal wear and tear for the stone, but sometimes, a tiny piece gets lodged between the ski and the big stone as its grinding, resulting in it scratching the base a little as it gets trapped and it skids along. I call them "skid marks" the industry calls them "chains". 

The ski industry considers this totally acceptable as there is no other way to finish the ski as it doesn't effect the ski at all. It just looks a little ugly. If they didn't they would be throwing away most of the skis that are produced as you will find a chain or "skid mark"  on nearly every ski if you look close enough. The pure random nature of this phenomenon means that you will find chains for different length and number on each ski. Some have none or only a few, others have many many and can look very ugly.

ts during our pre-shipping inspection that we look at the skis in closer detail. You rarely seem to get a set of skis these days that are 100% "skid-mark"  free on the base, but once in a while we get a set that has way too many of these scratches for my liking and we put them aside and mark them down in price by £20 or £30 depending on the severity and sell as B stock.  

You have to understand that these skis have already been passed A1 by inspectors at the factory so are deemed A stock, but I work to a higher standard and will mark down anything that I feel is carrying way to many of these scratches. These marks are completely superficial though which is the good news.

So what do we do? we reduce them a little! so pick up a bargain today. 

These are brand new skis.
Does this effect the warranty, nope
Does it effect the performance in any way, nope
Would I personally use them, Yes, every ski I have owned has been one of the worst examples too.

Are they always available, No.They are of course in very limited supply.

This wonderful 94cms snow blade from the legendary ski manufacturer comes complete with the SP10 Full release rental bindings. Binding is suitable for a wide range of boot sizes, approx from Ladies UK 3 - Mens UK 13 (267-370mm)

Technical spec:

  • Length 94cms
  • Sidecut 129/90/114cms
  • Radius 4.2mts 
  • Construction Integral Fiberglass
  • Snakeskin Top sheet
  • Complete with a "full rental type" Tyrolia SP10 release bindings and brake for easy adjustment
  • Binding is adjustable in seconds to suit all size ski boots from approx UK ladies size 3 to Mens UK size 13
  • DIN rated from 2.5-10
  • GripWalk compatible bindings

Now in stock

The short ski shop's view
This is one of the true "great" skis in the sport, its been called many things since its inception, "Salamander", The Big Easy", "The Rod" and now Razzle Dazzle. The ski remains  largely the same, only the name and colours change.

The "Razzle Dazzle" is a short, wide ski blade that is at home on the piste but will perform well in end of season slush too. It has the smallest radius of all the ski blades we stock at only 4,2 mts, totally crazy. If you cant turn with these, you better forget it as they should go around corners like a boomerang

We only import a limited number of these skis, so don't delay, as demand will be high.

The bindings are as "rental" type, this means they are super easy to adjust for ski boots of different sizes without tools.

Free binding fitting


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