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Buzz GYRO BLACK BLUE 126cms Adult Short Skis inc Tyrolia Bindings (2023)

SRP £319.99


Ski with Non GripWalk Bindings

Buzz short skis 126cms with Tyrolia full release bindings. Available with either GripWalk Compatible bindings or Non GripWalk bindings

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126cms SHORT SKI inc Tyrolia full release bindings for adults
Standard package includes the fantastic TyroliaPR11 Black/White  bindings

The PR binding make it so easy to adjust to accept multiple ski boots sizes ranging from kids/Teens/Ladies UK size 3.5 - 13 Mens. DIN safety rated from 3-11
  This ski package is suitable for most adults and teenagers and big kids

Maximum weight for top performance is 110 kilos (approx 17 stone)

Snow suitability: 100% Piste
Skier profile:
Suitable for all beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers seeking fun.

Very limited stock of this wonderful ski, grab a pair now.

  • Lightweight PU aircell core
  • Cap construction
  • Steel running edges
  • Scratch resistant topcoat
  • Full release Tyrolia Bindings
  • GripWalk compatible bindings - Option available
  • Cool graphics

GripWalk compatible Bindings? What is that.
GripWalk compatible bindings have been growing for a few years now and it maybe something to consider if you are thinking of buying new boots or rent boots in resort. What's GripWalk bindings got to do with boots? Well GripWalk is a slightly different type of toe piece that has come from "touring boots" and has gained a degree of popularity.  The last few years have seen a few boot manufacturers switch over to this type of toe, mainly lead by Head. So if you are thinking of getting new boots, you may consider the GripWalk option to futureproof your new skis. Most manufactuerers are yet to do so, but you have the choice.

Our opinion

This wonderful short ski is based on the original S-LINE short ski which has been highly praised in European ski tests. It's a real gem of a ski and will perform effortless carving turns and short swings. Its tight turning radius of only 9.2 mts gives it fantastic performance that would run rings around other skis. The Buzz "GYRO" has very quick and easy turn initiation on short to medium radius turns thanks to its forgiving cap construction and PU Aircell core

Its the perfect piste ski as it has all of the features you need and at an affordable price too. Possibly the best £ for £ short ski on the market today. This 126cm length is ideal for skiers who have lost confidence or reached a plateau with standard long skis or for snowblade users who want to ski steeper slopes, ski faster and require more grip. Customers looking for an alternative to the Salomon Short Kart 125, need look no further.

Ski Profile: 103-68-92
Length: 126cms
Radius 9.2mts
Bindings: Tyrolia PR11

These skis are often compared with the "Wedze" brand, but although they share a similar length they are not similar at all, the wedze has  a much much larger turing radius which is a very important factor in the skis performance, don't just take our word for it, check it out.

Never heard of Buzz?

Not to worry. They are a recently established British Ski Company, who design there own skis in the U.K. who have partnered with a long established European manufacturer, who also manufactures skis for most of the established big boy in the ski industry.

So the reassurance of a big brand manufacturer and the delight of sking a new exclusive label

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